The diagnosis is only as good as the expertise.
As is the solution.

The nature of your transaction can be established optimally only when Fiscal and Legal experts speak the same language. It’s not a lottery. Unless you’re unprepared.

  • Prompt
  • Pragmatic
  • Complete
  • Detail oriented
  • Accountable
  • Prompt
  • Pragmatic
  • Complete
  • Detail oriented
  • Accountable

Complex interventions in taxes, accounting and legal.

Fiscal raids and litigation. Transfer pricing. M&A.

Tough questions come, most times, with short deadlines. It’s one of the reasons they’re tough. And when they do, who’s next to you becomes essential. How well they master the substance of your transaction. How thorough they are with your business case. How fast you get actionable alternatives. And how accountable you can hold them for it. For 20 years now, we’ve been answering the tough questions of our clients. Or solved them before they came to be.

What you can lean on us for

Your fiscal efficiency. Where does it come from?

From high and thorough expertise, justly applied. The kind that can identify leaks and risk exposures before they manifest. The kind that can only happen when fiscal and legal experts speak the same language. So you no longer make decisions on fragments, but on the whole big picture.

Accounting payroll HR VAT

Accounting, payroll and HR

Full outsourcing. Or targeted support. WIth results such as raids unextended to other areas, 99% of amounts claimed reimbursed without additional raids, or with immaterial fees. Sometimes zero.



M&A: The appropriate legal and fiscal structure is not a cookie cutting form. Many times what’s needed is innovation. Because there is a quantum of art even in mergers, divisions or restructurings.

Comerciale Commercial

Commercial and administrative litigation

Commercial litigation: We’ve recently instrumented one of the most out of the box series to attack administrative acts. We’re often tagged out of the box. Because it’s not the simplest way forward that takes precedent/matters. It’s your result.

Litigii Dispute

Fiscal raids and dispute resolution

How many hundreds of millions of euros have we avoided in prejudices so far? We can’t say. It is, after all, confidential. But we represent our clients in complex cases. Such as one of the largest transfer pricing trials in Romania. Or ICC arbitrages won on fast forward.

Tax consulting

Taxes and fiscal consulting

Tax consulting: Our clients do not feel the pressure of fiscal raids. And we often come at the other end of such raids with immaterial payable fees or even none. It’s not magic. Just expertise and preparation.

preturi de transfer transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing

Documentation submitted in record time. Successful resolutions in Court on highly atypical cases. And a badge of honor for every time we create jurisprudence/legal precedents in terra incognita.



Continuing professional development is the key to professional success.
Nowium can be your professional coordinator!

For 20+ years, Nowium partners have been promptly intervening to add value.

  • in companies with operations in multiple territories
  • since inception and incorporation
  • in IT, heavy industries, Agribusiness, Energy, Pharma, Retail, Real Estate, and FMCG
  • in emergencies and after resolution.

What is your fiscal emergency?

“Every year we review all our suppliers. That we’re together after all these years says it all.”

Our team

We know how to do well what we do and we love it!

nwm oana nicorescu img


Managing Partner
nwm valentin alangiu img

Valentin ALANGIU

Accounting & Tax Partner
nwm carmen olaru img

Carmen OLARU

Payroll Partner
nwm catalina rusu img

Cătălina RUSU

Partner, COO
nwm raluca mihaela img


Transfer Pricing & Tax Partner
nwm delia dragomir img


Managing Partner, Legal Practice
nwm flavius craznic img


Managing Partner, Legal Practice
nwm mihai trofaila img


Partner, Commercial Disputes and Arbitration
nwm madalina scurtu img

Madalina SCURTU

Partner, Civil and Administrative Disputes
nwm alina armeanu img


Managing Council, Head of Real Estate and Energy
nwm constanta moisescu img

Constanta MOISESCU

Of Council, Intellectual Property

Fiscal raids with absolute integrity. Reimbursed VAT

Avoided damages. Risks canceled on time.

That is what clients actually seek consultancy for. Of course, it can start with a validation of your business model. Or maybe you need one, specific task off your hands and handled. Or those of a whole department. But what matters, in the end, is the result you’re after.

What do you want to start with?

In compliance, not being up to date is very, very expensive…

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