How to choose your consultant

First of all, do not delegate the task to a committee. Handle it yourself. This way, your chances of making the right choice are highest.

Then, ask your lawyer. Especially if you’ve been working together for a long time, you can expect them to hit the bull’s eye.

And if you’re the CEO, CFO or have the letter C in your title, call someone you trust. Perhaps in a similar position with yours. Ask them how they managed their way out of the most delicate fiscal predicament they remember.

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I recommend Nowium for their accountability and know-how.

We have outsourced our accounting and HR operations with them and, 3 years later, I cannot say I’ve ever had a request without an immediate response. Quite the contrary.

I was surprised to see that, when required for due diligence, they did whatever was necessary within the deadline, even with a very short notice. Complex tasks, labor intensive, done from one day to the next.

You know how you sometimes say “we need this” and a week later you follow up with “kind reminder”…? It never happened. I have zero complaints.”

Bogdan Popoiu, CEO – Resalta

If you still have the patience, make a list of all the largest or out of the ordinary transactions, fiscal litigations and arbitrages solved recently. And who advised them.

I need a lawyer who speaks my language. Delia understands exactly what I want and shows up prepared. We’ve been working together for 12 years.

During the pandemic, Delia represented us in an international arbitrage in London in record time and under budget. We were bracing for 2 years. We were done in 1 year and 2 months.”

Alexandra Damașcan, President Serinus România

You now have a starting point. Cut off the list those who work for your direct competition, if that makes them inaccessible.

Then take every name on the shortlist and meet one of the partners.

Don’t say yes if there’s no chemistry. But if the first meeting is encouraging, ask them what business cases similar to yours they solved recently.

Arrogance doesn’t define us.

But we think Nowium should be on your shortlist.

For a few reasons…

Nowium is a hive of generators, innovators and communicators.

It’s not just “the office”. It’s who we are.

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Managing Partner
nwm valentin alangiu img

Valentin ALANGIU

Accounting & Tax Partner
nwm carmen olaru img

Carmen OLARU

Payroll Partner
nwm catalina rusu img

Cătălina RUSU

Partner, COO
nwm raluca mihaela img


Transfer Pricing & Tax Partner
nwm delia dragomir img


Managing Partner, Legal Practice
nwm flavius craznic img


Managing Partner, Legal Practice
nwm mihai trofaila img


Partner, Commercial Disputes and Arbitration
nwm madalina scurtu img

Madalina SCURTU

Partner, Civil and Administrative Disputes
nwm alina armeanu img


Managing Council, Head of Real Estate and Energy
nwm constanta moisescu img

Constanta MOISESCU

Of Council, Intellectual Property
nwm cristina morcov img

Cristina MORCOV

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
nwm steliana osvat img

Steliana OȘVAT

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
nwm valentin stanciu img

Valentin STANCIU

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
George Anghel


Senior Manager - Payroll
Silvia Barbulescu


Senior Manager - Payroll
Bogdan Nemtanu


Senior Manager - IT

Experts choose experts. Always.

What’s pressing now?

“We have business cases and projects where we need a quick answer from our consultants. If their expertise is vast and their replies to all our questions quick, we can decide quickly ourselves, and be more efficient. That’s what we found with Nowium. We are thrilled with your services, dear partners!”

A happy client