About Us

Nowium is a new business concept that defines its values ​​in ambition, creativity, quality, excellence, trust and responsibility. We are a brand new, but of an experienced, strong team, formed over 20 years of activity together. Many of you already know us!

We are connected by many successful projects and experiences, we learned a lot together and we strengthened as a team in over 20 years of working together, which forces us to continue the story to a new level.

Our services mean people. Beyond numbers, analysis, calculations, reports are our colleagues, our team and yours, our partners and customers. We take this interpersonal relationship between professionals to the level of excellence.

We enjoy the appreciation of our clients and other professional partners. It is a sign of recognition of our contribution to various economic decisions, to the simplification of procedures, to the resolution of tax or legal issues, to find the best solutions to the questions and concerns of our customers.

What makes us special?

Why Nowium?

Because we have a strong team of professionals, we have the necessary expertise and a mix of skills that allow us to address the most challenging requests from our clients. In addition, we know very well what each customer expects from us. We know how to adapt to each type of client and deliver them more than expected from a professional in the field.

We want real partnerships with our clients, not just simple administrative roles in the accounting or tax area. We want to understand the business of our customers and contribute to its growth.

We consider that we have a very important and well-defined role in the business of our clients. Whether it is the provision of relevant, accurate and timely information, or the explanation of accounting and tax cases and treatments, the financial-accounting function must inspire confidence, both to partners or shareholders, but also to authorities. Tax risk is an issue that needs to be managed through the help of professionals.


Aiming excellence in integrated consulting services, with client tailored solutions and optimal results

Mission – „Growing business together”

Nowium – your reliable partner in shaping financial and tax information to make the best decisions for growing your business!

Our Team

We know how to do well what we do and we love it!

Finance, Tax and Transfer Pricing

Oana Nicorescu


Managing Partner

Valentin ALANGIU

Accounting & Tax Partner
Olaru Carmen

Carmen OLARU

Payroll Partner

Cătălina RUSU

Partner, COO
Mihaila Raluca


Transfer Pricing & Tax Partner


Delia Dragomir


Managing Partner, Legal Practice
Flavius Craznic


Managing Partner, Legal Practice


Cristina Morcov

Cristina MORCOV

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
Steliana Osvat img

Steliana OȘVAT

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
Valentin Stanciu img

Valentin STANCIU

Senior Manager - Accounting & Tax
George Anghel img


Senior Manager - Payroll
Silvia Barbulescu img


Senior Manager - Payroll
Bogdan Nemtanu img


Senior Manager - IT