Tax consulting

Taxes and fiscal consulting

Tax consulting: Our clients do not feel the pressure of fiscal raids. And we often come at the other end of such raids with immaterial payable fees or even none. It’s not magic. Just expertise and preparation.

  • Direct tax advice
  • VAT consultancy
  • Salary advice
  • Consultancy in the field of national and international accounting regulations
  • Consultancy in setting up a company, tax options
  • Analyzing different types of contracts and establishing tax and accounting implications
  • Financial analysis services, partner creditworthiness analysis
  • Representation and assistance during tax inspections

Consultancy services can be offered either as as needed services, on-demand, or in the form of a monthly subscription with hours included. These services are generally of high complexity and involve the best Nowium experts, under the direct coordination of a partner. Consulting services may be customised according to customer need and the specific themes for which they are offered.

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Complex Services

  • Due dilligence
  • Assistance in mergers/spin-off/liquidation of companies
  • Accounting expertise
    • expert reports on the increase/decrease in share capital
    • counter-expertise
  • Assistance in preparing accounting policy and procedures manual

These complex services require a high degree of expertise and an adaptation to scope according to each specific case.

Preliminary review assignments (due diligence) are designed to give the customer a fair overview of the entity to be acquired. In this assignment, the accounting/tax risks associated with the target company are assessed, the engagement being based on a set of procedures agreed between consultant and client. At the end of the engagement, a detailed report is issued regarding the company’s accounting and tax situation, with a presentation of identified risks and amount of financial exposure.

Assistance in mergers, spin-off, or liquidation of companies involves defining and completing the merger/spin-off/liquidation process, from an accounting and tax point of view. This process requires very close collaboration with the attorneys involved in these operations. Nowium has a legal department that can be involved in these types of missions.

Accountancy expertise is most often necessary for situations where there is an increase in share capital of a company, an increase resulting from conversion of receivables held by the company concerned. The role of the expert is to analyze and certify the liquidity and exigibility of the receivables that are subject to the increase of the share capital. The expert’s report is required for formalities performed at the Trade Registry.

Preparation of an accounting policy and procedures manual is an obligation of all companies. Nowium can assist you in defining this manual, starting from basic/simplified versions to complex variants tailored to customer-specific situations.

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