Continuing professional development is the key to professional success.
Nowium can be your professional coordinator!

  • Organisation of professional training courses on various topical accounting and tax issues
  • Professional training services tailored to customer requirements and agreed topics
  • Assistance in recruiting and training of staff in the financial accounting department
  • Assistance in reorganisation or restructuring of the financial – accounting and/or human resources (HR) departments
  • Tax Group

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Nowium constantly offers training courses and legislative updates, organised online, but also in physical format, in partnerships with chambers of commerce and other organizations, as well as individually tailored sessions for various clients.

We have traditional clients who regularly ask us to organise sessions for their financial department – Accounting or HR only, and to customize the topics according to specific aspects of their business. The advantage is that more practical areas of interest to the client may be discussed.

In 2021 we started the Tax Group program. This is a continuous form of professional development and legislative update for Tax Group members. The meetings are recurrent, on a monthly basis, online and ensure the presentation of the main fiscal and accounting news of the period. More details can be found on the platform

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