Our Services

Nowium is the One-Stop-Shop solution for tax, financial-accounting and legal consulting in Romania. Our consulting teams are based on the perfect mix of resources: accounting, taxation and legal, but also on the direct involvement of partners. We want to build true partnerships with our customers through value-added services of excellence.

Litigii Dispute

Fiscal raids and dispute resolution

How many hundreds of millions of euros have we avoided in prejudices so far? We can’t say. It is, after all, confidential. But we represent our clients in complex cases. Such as one of the largest transfer pricing trials in Romania. Or ICC arbitrages won on fast forward.

Comerciale Commercial

Commercial and administrative litigation

Commercial litigation: We’ve recently instrumented one of the most out of the box series to attack administrative acts. We’re often tagged out of the box. Because it’s not the simplest way forward that takes precedent/matters. It’s your result.



M&A: The appropriate legal and fiscal structure is not a cookie cutting form. Many times what’s needed is innovation. Because there is a quantum of art even in mergers, divisions or restructurings.

Accounting payroll HR VAT

Accounting, payroll and HR

Full outsourcing. Or targeted support. WIth results such as raids unextended to other areas, 99% of amounts claimed reimbursed without additional raids, or with immaterial fees. Sometimes zero.

Tax consulting

Taxes and fiscal consulting

Tax consulting: Our clients do not feel the pressure of fiscal raids. And we often come at the other end of such raids with immaterial payable fees or even none. It’s not magic. Just expertise and preparation.

preturi de transfer transfer pricing

Transfer Pricing

Documentation submitted in record time. Successful resolutions in Court on highly atypical cases. And a badge of honor for every time we create jurisprudence/legal precedents in terra incognita.



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