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For profitable, quick, and just right decisions

If you have offices in multiple territories, including Romania, and want the certainty you operate legally and with fiscal efficiency, without hidden costs, the partner you need is Nowium. From incorporation, to VAT reimbursements, to transfers, litigation or complex transactions.

Know-how straight from the partners,
in one, unified opinion. In real time.

Consulting and outsourcing

Emergency interventions

Tax Group

For complex expertise needs. And zero outsourcing issues.

Because you don’t need just an opinion. You actually want a concrete course of action.

That’s why our team doesn’t have only the expertise. We have the pragmatism a growing company like yours requires.

For decades now, we’ve been accompanying Romanian names that went beyond borders and international companies setting offices here. Giving them the kind of sound foundation to build on. We also formulate and instrument the fiscal and legal structures for acquisitions, divisions and atypical transfers. And no, we don’t invoice you for “discussion preparations.”

No such thing as zero risks.
But we come pretty close.

Accounting, payroll and HR

Full outsourcing. Or targeted support. With results such as raids unextended to other areas, 99% of amounts claimed reimbursed without additional raids, or with immaterial fees. Sometimes zero.

Fiscal raids and dispute resolution

How many hundreds of millions of euros have we avoided in prejudices so far? We can’t say. It is, after all, confidential. But we represent our clients in complex cases. Such as one of the largest transfer pricing trials in Romania. Or ICC arbitrages won on fast forward.

Taxes and fiscal consulting

Our clients do not feel the pressure of fiscal raids. We often come at the other end of such raids with immaterial payable fees or even none. It’s not magic. Just expertise and preparation.

We consult with Valentin monthly, on less ordinary national situations.

He is always prompt, gets back to me during the day or the next, two maximum, with pertinent, professional advice. It’s very comforting to be able to trust a partner who gives you the legal solution, beyond interpretation now or later. It’s an extra pair of eyes on my thinking. His opinion helps me prevent risks. It’s like an extra audit.”

Nicoleta Marcu
Romanian fiscality specialist, Finance-Accounting Department
Varta Romania

No such thing as no preparation.
But you won’t see it on the invoice. Ever.


The appropriate legal and fiscal structure is not a cookie cutting form. Many times what’s needed is innovation. Because there is a quantum of art even in mergers, divisions or restructurings.

Transfer pricing

Documentation submitted in record time. Successful resolutions in Court on highly atypical cases. And a badge of honor for every time we create jurisprudence/legal precedents in terra incognita.

Commercial and administrative litigation

We’ve recently instrumented one of the most out of the box series to attack administrative acts. We’re often tagged as out of the box. Because it’s not the simplest way forward that takes precedent/matters. It’s your result.

Delia has defended our interests very well, with little information.

She has the capacity to handle crisis situations quickly, without somptuous preparation. She studied European Law extensively and has a spark in all things math and fiscal logic.

She represented us in communicating with the authorities, with fiscal consultants abroad, and with the fiscal department in Romania, particularly in complex files regarding transfer pricing or environment taxes. She gives concrete, fact based arguments, and is clear, concise, and easily understood by everyone.”

Legal counsel

Correct, complete, and persuasive.
No additional questions.

Emergency interventions

For fiscal raids, litigation or any unforeseen changes in your business model. You can have our support quickly, on call, in real time.

Tax Group

Your team can upskill, validate their decisions, and ask questions on concrete, real life situations presented and analyzed by our partners. In online monthly sessions, for a community of hundreds of fiscal professionals in Romania.


You can have a Nowium partner for a day. To have and to hold, for you and your team. Who do you want to learn from?

We were going to acquire a very promising asset recently.

Delia quickly intervened and introduced us to audit companies in Morocco and Holland. We stopped before it was too late.

Nowium also put together our transfer pricing files in record time. We’ve never had any transfer pricing issues in any of the fiscal raids.”

Gabriel Rumeghea
Financial Director, Formens

In compliance, the trickiest thing is when you’re sitting on a bomb and not know it…

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